Miller Diesel, Inc. is a family owned and operated corporation, serving Pennsylvania & USA states abroad since 1957.  We specialize in mechanical & electronic diesel fuel injection systems.  Our technicians are Factory Trained & Authorized to rebuild & / or exchange diesel fuel injection pumps, fuel injectors, turbochargers & fuel system components for most any diesel engine. 


Most of our technicians & staff has been with us for anywhere from

30-40+ years, and in 2018 we welcomed Jared Miller to the Diesel Family.  This level of expertise and experience allows us to work on fuel systems from antiques to today's modern electronic engines.  Our reputation and services span nationwide, and our warranty rate is impeccably low.

We repair, rebuild and/or exchange fuel injection pumps, fuel injectors, turbochargers & fuel system components for ALL types of diesel engines. Please call for price & availability of  your needs.  We look forward to serving you.


The diesel fuel injection system is the heart & brains of a diesel engine.  Today's diesel fuel & biodiesel can often be damaging on the fuel injection system due to water in the fuel, lack of lubrication which causes metal on metal wear of the parts within the injection system, or off-spec biodiesel that can cause the fuel system to badly gum up  with fall out products of the biodiesel, etc.   As the diesel engine technology advances into the electronic age, tolerances are extremely  tight, and contaminated fuel is not tolerated.  Damage to the fuel injectors or injection pump due to any kind of fuel contamination can be extremely costly repairs.  Fuel contamination and subsequent damage is NOT covered by any manufacturers under warranty, therefore it is vital that YOU as the end user takes measures to ensure that your diesel fuel is treated with PROPER fuel additives to protect your investments.

As we rebuild fuel injection systems, we see first hand what damages are caused by poor quality fuels.  In 1976 we became a distributor for FPPF Chemical Company because we had to find a way to help our customers prevent such unnecessary and costly repairs.  TODAY, we are one of the largest FPPF distributors in the nation.  We sell FPPF because IT WORKS!  We are continuously testing and comparing FPPF products against the numerous brands of fuel additives on the market.  All we can say is  GRAB THE BEST -- GRAB FPPF .  We are here to troubleshoot all your fuel needs, including bulk fuel storage tanks.

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